Fiverr®.com: The Five Dollar Side Hustle & the Micro-Entrepreneur

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Meet Fiverr®.com.

A website where five dollars can buy you just about any service (or odd product) you can think of.  For consumers, it’s a cheap way to fulfill a need.  For freelancers and small business owners, who make up most of the sellers, is the ultimate site for monetizing a side hustle!

Being a small business owner in a creative field, no one understands the definition of hustling better.  In fact, hustling is what I do all day, every day to build relationships and get paying clients that allow me to make a living.  When rapper Cassidy’s song, “I’m A Hustla” used to be in regular rotation on the radio, every time I heard it, I wanted to crank up the volume and have a rap-a-long.

Sometimes, I did.

When I read about Fiverr® last week and got a chance to explore the site, the chorus of that rap song was blaring in my mind.  I was slightly disappointed to learn that Fiverr® has been around since 2010 and I had never heard of it.  According to Wikipedia, Fiverr® was founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger and is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as ‘gigs’ and micro-jobs starting at $5.

So how does it work exactly?

Well, a seller creates a free account, lists a talent they’re willing to exchange (aka a Gig®) for $5 with a promo, and a buyer purchases the Gig®.  The seller delivers a product or service and takes 80%, or $4, as revenue.  Fiverr® takes the other 20%.

It seems almost too easy.

Here’s an example:  a writer offers to write a blog post of 300 words or less for $5.  If I needed to blog on a certain day and didn’t have time, I could buy that Gig®, pay five dollars and have it sent to me in as little as 24 hours.  I receive the blog post, leave a high rating if I’m happy, and that seller hopes other Fiverr® members see it to get more business.  The great thing is freelancers and anyone with a talent or special service can sell to customers all over the world.

I like that Fiverr® has created another layer to the global economy and allowed people to make extra cash by doing and selling skills that others need.  However, as I was researching and going through the Gigs®, I realized that some industries were somewhat saturated while others that had only a few sellers weren’t doing well.  The key for sellers will be either making an existing Gig® better or offering a service that few or no people offer and creating a new market.

Since I’m always up for an entrepreneurial challenge, I decided to create a Fiverr® account and a test Gig® to see how easy it really is (or isn’t).  As a wedding photographer, one thing I always find interesting is how men (and some women) decide to propose to their significant others.  Usually it involves a romantic dinner, (or lately the trendy proposal flash mob) which is great, but I love hearing about the proposal stories that are unique and meaningful.  I believe people can be wildly more creative than romantic dinner proposals, even if they have to seek the help of others to do so.  I’m an idea girl (and an undercover hopeless romantic) who made a Gig® that will help the fellas (and some ladies) get ideas to plan unforgettable, well thought out proposals.  Check out my Gig®.


I challenge you to think of any talents or skills you have, or perhaps something you enjoy doing that you may be able to monetize.  Are you good at correcting grammatical errors, writing articles, retouching photos, singing happy birthday to strangers, designing quick logos or drawing?  Fiverr® will help you build a side hustle earning money based on your skills and interests.  Of course, it probably won’t make you rich, but it may help give you extra cash to take a weekend trip to Vegas or pay off a few small bills.

Go try it!  What do you have to lose?!?!  🙂