Three Gifts You Should Give Yourself Every Single Day

With the gift-giving season in full swing, I thought I’d do a post about giving.  Not giving in the usually way, to loved ones, friends, charities or people in need, but giving to… Continue reading

Pardon My French, But Je Suis Chéfrugal

Bonjour mes amis! About a month ago, I found myself on Craigslist, the most popular, online thrift store, perusing the For Sale ads.  Usually I’m on the hunt for things that I need… Continue reading

Gouda! Great Photos Without Saying Cheese

We’ve all been there. You, your mom and dad, your brother(s) and sister(s) all packed into a Sears Portrait studio, or if your family had a bit more money back in the 80’s,… Continue reading

Being Anti-Vanilla Starts Today

Today. Five letters arranged to form a word that holds so much promise for many. Today incites our minds to think and our bodies to act with the goal of making life better… Continue reading